About Us

About Us

Who runs this site? We do, we are a small team of writers (some of who do not wish to be named) who not only suffer from BPD ourselves but also want to help others with the same mental health disorder. We have put our own time and our own money into keeping this site running with an end goal of being able to offer free private therapy for others when they need it most.

Can you help us? If you think you would like to write an article relating to BPD or a BPD story do get in touch with us via the Contact Us page. We take the time to read all emails sent to us and deeply appease any help, advice or feedback we receive.

Our Goals

While this site will always be here for general help and support we are looking for donations and funding so we can one day offer private therapy to individuals who need it the most, but simply can’t afford it. Far too many of us here in the UK have been rejected by local mental health services, many of which are supposed to be there for that very reason. So our goal is to be able to offer private therapy for people who need it the most in the areas they live in.

Just a small donation to this site will keep it running and more importantly ad-free because while we hate the ads as much as you do, they are a necessary part of this site staying live. The moment we no longer need to support ourselves that way they will be turned off. The government funding we are seeking will not impact the site as any money received via these grants will go towards the therapy for others.

If the system is not going to help those of us with BPD those of us who run this site will do all we can instead.