Am I More Likely to Get BPD Because I Am White?

Am I More Likely to Get BPD Because I Am White?

While at first, this sounds like a rather racist question, it is not as daft as it sounds. In a recent study called ‘Role of Race and Socioeconomic Status‘ less than 5% of those diagnosed with BPD in America were African-American or Hispanic in identity. While at first, you can kind of see why we were recently asked this question (if you have one yourself do drop us an email via the Contact Us page), but it is not the whole picture…

Is BPD More Common in White People?

Let’s get something straight from the off. Borderline personality disorder doesn’t care what race or gender you are if certain conditions are met you will suffer from it. But now for the bottom-line bombshell. Those ‘certain conditions’ I am talking about are going to be far more noticeable and indeed prevalent in people from modern countries rather than 3rd world countries and this is part of the reason BPD seems to effect more White females than anything else. So while BPD is not a disorder that is exclusive to white people, it is a disorder may differ substantially across regions rather than races.

I think its important to understand why this is the case and a lot of it is indeed down to lack of mental health care in many countries all over the world with many, many countries having NO mental health treatments or support at all. Then there is the matter of knowledge of mental health disorders in general. While knowledge is increasing all over the world every single day, we are far from the point that poor mental health is dealt with in the same way as it is with more modern countries.

Sadly BPD really can affect anyone at any age, but if you don’t know “poor mental health” is an issue you won’t go asking for help and will probably just suffer in silence. I hope no-one suffers in silence and if you need ANY help and advice no matter where you are from do let us know via the Contact Us page.

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