Is my BPD Causing me to Become Extremely Jealous?

Is my BPD Causing me to Become Extremely Jealous?

We have been asked this question via email, so we will take a look into it as it is quite an interesting question once you get into the main reasons for this happening. Anyway, some people with BPD report feeling extreme levels of jealously which often results in rage against the person they are feeling it from. This then leads to further abandonment issues and so the BPD spiral starts. Like most things relating to BPD, things are not as black or white as they first seem here…

Does BPD Cause my Extremely Jealousy?

While the short answer here is yes, you will be surprised to hear that most of the time it has nothing to do with jealously at all. In fact, most examples of extremely jealousy with regards to BPD sufferers can be linked to the symptom of ‘Fear of Abandonment‘. One thing I do want to put to bed before anyone thinks it is that this applies to BOTH sexes and everything in between. It is not a female issue nor a male one. Now that is out of the way…

As with many things regarding BPD, there seem to be no real trigger signs that you will start to reach this heightened level of jealousy. Some of our readers reported getting jealous over their partner playing videogames or getting into their hobbies and others reported getting jealous because their partner went to work just a few minutes earlier than usual. As you might have been guessing by now, this is no ordinary form of jealousy, it is mostly delusional jealousy and it can cause real problems that often lead to a toxic relationship.

Delusion or not, inside the mind of a BPD sufferer it is real and no matter how much proof goes aginst their thoughts of jealously, it will not fade their opinion of what is happening. For the person on the receiving end of this extremely jealousy it can seem as little more than just that, the green-eyed monster itself. But what is really going on is the BPD sufferer brain has gone into overdrive and the symptom of ‘Fear of Abandonment’ has taken over. So it’s not so much the jealously that causes them to accuse a partner or friend, it is more their fear of losing them that is doing it.

Sadly BPD can indeed tear your life apart and this symptom of extremely jealousy is just one of the ways it can do it. From wanting to keep people close to you for love and support to pushing them away with what looks like a bought of extreme jealousy. So the next time a BPD loved one or friend does this do try to cut them some slack. Yes, it can be instant and sometimes scary, but it really isn’t their fault.

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