Product Review – BPD: In Their Own Words: A Non's Guide

Product Review – BPD: In Their Own Words: A Non’s Guide

Product Type – Book
By – Felicity Lard (Author)
Price at Time of Review – £4.52 (Paperback)
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Description: Borderline Personality Disorder can put anyone through hell – the sufferer, the family, the significant other. If you are or have been in a relationship with a borderline, you know exactly what we’re talking about. However, the process of understanding the confusing push-pull dynamic can be daunting. This book collects the most common sayings from people with BPD and subjects them to rigorous analysis, illustrating the manipulative patterns underlying their behaviour.

Review: Within the first few pages of this book, you will notice a VERY sexist and one-sided POV. We have already proven on this very site that BPD is not exclusively female and is in fact quite even in terms of gender numbers. Then there is the large number of exemptions that also do no good for the BPD sigma as a whole. But having said all that I do still feel there is a lot of good advice within its pages. The advice is often from a “stayers” or “Leavers” point of view, but I liked the calming advice for the “stayers” much more. I just wish it was a little more generalised towards anyone with BPD, rather than women only.

Overall Rating: 2/5 – Ones-sided, but still interesting

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