BPD Medication – Lurasidone

BPD Medication – Lurasidone

Brands: Atlura, Lurace, Lurafic, Luramax, Lurasid, Lurastar, Latuda, Lurata, Alsiva, Emsidon, Lurakem, Luratrend, Tablura, Unison.

Type: Antipsychotic

Dosages: 20mg,40mg, 80mg, 120mg

Max Dosage: 120mg

About Lithium: Lurasidone is one of the newest forms of antipsychotic, it was first approved for medical use in the United States in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2019 that most of the brand-names above went into circulation. With over one million prescriptions this is a drug that has been tested to perfection and while the list of side-effects is high it goes without saying that a lot of them are down to the sheer number of different people who currently are, or those that have used this drug.


Common Lurasidone Side Effects Include:

stomach pain
loss of appetite
muscle stiffness
weight gain
mask-like facial expression
blurred vision
breast swelling or discharge
missed menstrual periods
decreased sex drive

Less Common To Rare Lurasidone Side Effects Include:

trouble swallowing
signs of infection
persistent cough
fast or uneven or pounding heartbeats
thoughts about hurting yourself
seizures (convulsions)
sores in your mouth and throat
high blood sugar
very stiff (rigid) muscles
twitching or uncontrollable movements

Personal Experience of Using Lurasidone: My biggest regret with Lurasidone was that I didn’t use it sooner. I have tried every antipsychotic know to man and yet it was only Lurasidone that really got me on the right path. After just a few weeks I felt more in control than I have for a long time and I was finally able to get back into CBT therapy. While it did make me suffer from extreme drowsiness for the first couple of days that soon wore off. I was on 20mg for the first month or so, but it then went up to 40mg as I got used to it and I stayed on that dose for several months with seemingly no long-lasting side-effects. I can’t recommend it enough, but that is just my personal opinion.

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