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Name: Jenny – Location: Manchester


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How Long Have you Known You Have BPD?

It has not been long at all, I was 16 when I first started to realise I was not like other girls in my class and I was being quite terrible to some of them, even when they were my BF’s. So after talking to my doctor she advised me to take some tests online and so I did. After telling her the results I was then properly diagnosed on the NHS in 2019. Before my doctor told me about BPD I had never heard of it and I was a little scared, but these days I am much more in control and able to talk about things.

What Treatment Have You Had For BPD?

Form what other people keep telling me and what I see in other Facebook BPD support groups I seem to have got lucky and I got all the help and advice I needed, including a full diagnosis. It does seem to be a postcode lottery on who gets what. I then went on 10 courses of DBT and currently I am on Prozac medication, but that is all and I feel totally in control most of the time. There are still times when I slip, but nothing as bad as it once was.

What Advice do You Have For Others with BPD?

My advice for anyone who even thinks they have BPD is to get help. Tell your teachers, tell you welfare officers, or whoever else will listen. And likewise, listen to others around you when they tell you things like you are like two different people and you seem to have trouble controlling your emotions. My friends knew I had BPD before I did! LOL. Anyway, just stay strong and get help when and where you can. I found the help is out there for the taking, but you do need to reach out and grab it.

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