BPD Life Stories

Name: Jenny A – Location: North Lanarkshire

BPD Stories – Jenny A

How Long Have you Known You Have BPD?

While I am not that old (18) I was properly diagnosed quite early on because my mum has Bipolar, so myself and the family knew the signs to look for already. I do think it was easier for me to get a diagnosis because of my mum, but I still had to try and “fight the system” myself, only as I say we knew the routes to go down already and my mums care worker did help a lot. Because I had that diagnosis it did help me in school a lot, especially when it comes to my friends as I was always pushing them away, but they are more understanding now.

What Treatment Have You Had For BPD?

I only started therapy in January 2020, so when the pandemic hit everything kind of stopped for me. I have had a few phone sessions, but they are just not good enough. Sadly, I was sectioned in April 2020 as it all got too much with me, locked down in the house and with my mums Bipolar being extra bad, it was a nightmare. Luckily I am feeling OK now and I am currently on sertraline which does help a lot.

What Advice do You Have For Others with BPD?

If like me you have a family member with mental health issues (or in my mums case Bipolar) you need to get advice as soon as you can. Just because you don’t think you have any issues, it doesn’t mean you don’t. Getting help made me realise I had more than I thought and while it was confusing for a while, getting a diagnosis did help explain it. Sadly it is not the answer to all your problems, but it a good start.

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