BPD Life Stories

Name: Micheal – Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire

Micheal Denvers

Being 31 now I suppose I was properly diagnosed over 3 years ago (pretty late in life I know), but for me personally it was life changing. Not only did my diagnosis allow me to get the help I needed, but it also answered so many questions I had about myself and my poor mental health. It was as if a light had been shined on a dark spot in my life and I will never forget it.

What Treatment Have You Had For BPD?

Sadly living here in Wiltshire there was not a lot of help on offer at all with only the charity Mind giving me some advice in the form of some leaflets (that I had to download myself). But luckily for me, I do work part-time as a mechanic so I was able to afford to go privately for DBT which for me personally was a life-changing experience. I did find it confusing and not helping much for the first few months, but I stuck with it and now feel much more in control of my emotions. While I do still end up splitting from time to time without the therapy I would let it get me down which is no longer the case.

What Advice do You Have For Others with BPD?

If I’m truthful I let things get on top of me and I really should have got help much earlier than I did (I ended up trying to commit suicide) so my advice to anyone who thinks they have BPD or any other mental health disorder is to try and get the help you need. Tell others how you are feeling, especially if you are having dark thoughts like I once did. It’s hard for us men to talk about things like this, but honestly, I was surprised at how understanding my mates were about it. So don’t try and go it alone as there is help and advice out there if you are willing to reach for it.

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