Can You Self-Cure Your Own BPD?

Can You Self-Cure Your Own BPD?

While we have already discussed that there is no real ‘cure’ when it comes to BPD you can at least do a lot of self-help on your path to learning to live with the disorder. In fact, with most talk-based therapy you will be doing a lot of inward thinking and self-helping rather than the therapist doing all the work. While it is best to get help and guidance if you struggle with going it alone you can at least try some things to self-cure yourself…

Educate Yourself

By reading books, listening to audio recordings and watching YouTube videos you can help yourself a lot. It’s not just a matter of reading/listening to those types of media, it is mostly about understanding what they are trying to teach you. As with anything you self-learn some self-help is better than others and if you don’t get what a book or video is talking about, maybe try a different one. I personally read a few books about DBT before I started to understand it. It does take a while to sink in and even if it doesn’t sink in you can always start with the bare essentials of DBT like how you think and act in a given situation. The more you understand about yourself, the more you will understand the skills needed to self-cure.

The best advice I can give anyone trying to self-help when it comes to BPD is to keep trying. If you don’t like the book you are reading, stop reading it and get a new one. Watch someone else talk about self-help on YouTube if you don’t like the tone, or way that person is doing it. Even if you are planning on doing professionally guided therapy you should still try to understand as much as you can about what they are trying to tell you. You don’t have to become a therapist, you don’t have to be an expert of anything, you just have to learn to understand yourself. This site is planning to do step by step therapy for those of us with BPD very soon, so do watch this space.

If you have any other questions relating to BPD or would just like some advice on the disorder do get in touch with us via the contact us page. It’s easy to do, we are both responsive and confidential, plus we never save any of your details in any way.

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