Borderline Personality Disorder – Diagnosis

Did you know, the basis of an initial diagnosis for BPD are yourself showing signs of at least 5 of the 9 main symptoms most associated with the disorder as recognised by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III or DSM-III. Those signs are as follows…

1. Fear of Abandonment
2. Unstable Relationships
3. Unclear or Shifting Self-Image
4. Impulsive, Self-Destructive Behaviour
5. Self-harm
6. Extreme Emotional Swings
7. Chronic Feelings of Emptiness
8. Explosive Anger
9. Feeling Suspicious or Out of Touch With Reality

Having a quick look down that list, some people might well be thinking that they have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). If you are one of those people, you might want to consider getting an initial diagnosis. The good news is you can get diagnosed right here for free!

Why is getting an initial diagnosis for BPD a good thing?

Because it means you can then approach your local GP or mental health team to get the right kind of help/advice then possibly the medication and treatment you need to move forward with your life. It’s not so much about knowing yourself, it is more about showing others what you have is serious and should be treated as so.

Are you ready for the BPD diagnosis questions?

Do make sure you are comfortable and you have a nice drink as there are 30 questions below that will take a little bit of time to answer (about 10 minutes on average). Always think about your answer before you give it and always give nothing but the truth. By doing this you can be sure the results of the test are as accurate as they can be*.

Just remember, there are no right answers below, only the answer that relates best to your personal thoughts and feelings.

1. Would you say you have an often unstable and intense relationship with people (friends/family/loved ones)?


2. Do you often find you experience extremes of love and hate about the same things or the same person?


3. Would you say you have an unstable self-image or lack of sense of who you are?


4. Would you say you have impulsive or self-destructive behaviour?


5. How often would you say you have self-harming or even passing suicidal thoughts?


6. Do you experience often frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, even when no real threat of abandonment exists?


7. Do you find you have frequent, intense mood swings or emotional overreactions?


8. Would you say you have chronic feelings of emptiness?


9. Have you ever had temporary episodes of paranoia?


10. Have you ever heard voices when no-one is around or even seen things that are not real?


11. How often would you say you feel strangely “empty” inside?


12. Have you done ANY of the following things in the last month: Drove Recklessly, Engaged in Unsafe Sex, Abused Alcohol or Drugs, Binge Ate, Gambled or Spent Money Recklessly?


13. Would you say you are happy with your life as a whole?


14. Do you often idealize others to the point that you feel comfortable in sharing your most intimate details with them even when you have only just met them?


15. Do you find yourself being angry, extremely sarcastic or very bitter over the smallest of issues?


16. Have you ever drove somewhere, but forgot how you got there when you arrived?


17. How often do you experience a sudden shift in the way you look or feel at both yourself and your life as a whole?


18. In the last week have you suffered from any of the following? *tick all that apply


19. In the last 24hrs have you suffered from any of the following? *tick all that apply


20. Would you say you have romantic relationships that are intense, but not very stable?


21. Would you agree or disagree that you currently experiencing mental health problems that are negatively impacting your ability to go to school, work, be with friends or family, or have a romantic relationship?


22. Have you ever broken/thrown something out of anger?


23. Would you say your emotions are often inappropriate, intense and difficult to control?


24. How often do you find yourself quarrelling with close friends or family?


25. This is just a quick note to say that you might find some of the next lines of questioning a little odd, but they really are more important than you might think. So please do answer them as truthfully and as honestly as you can…

Q25: How knowledgeable would you say you were about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?


26. How much would you say you enjoyed your childhood (ages 0-10)?


27. How tired do you feel throughout the average day?


28. How likely would you be to let a complete stranger into your life?


29. How often do you buy new clothes or gadgets?


30. If you had to rate yourself as a friend what type of friend would you be?


Question 1 of 30

*With both a positive or a negative test result, this is an INITIAL DIAGNOSES ONLY! This test designed by our consultant psychiatrist Dr Kim Jennings is as accurate as we can make it, but it should still NOT be used as a guide to treatment or medication of any kind when moving forward. Furthermore, any findings to the contrary to the information of this test is NOT the responsibility nor the negligence of both our consultant psychiatrist (Dr Kim Jennings) nor