We Need to Talk About Joe Tracini's New Book

We Need to Talk About Joe Tracini’s New Book

If you have your ears to the ground with regard to the BPD community it would have been almost impossible to miss the news that Joe Tracini (an English actor, presenter and author) has launched a new book about his life and indeed living with BPD. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if this goes on to be the best-selling book about BPD of all time, he really is that loved among the BPD community.

Please note that this is NOT a review, more a note to others thinking of buying it. So the most important thing here is that it is indeed worth buying, but it should and indeed does come with a loud TRIGGER WARNING all over it. In fact, even before the main book starts Joe does warn people that it could be triggering for some people. But this was never meant to be a self-help book, more a self-journey of the life of Joe. At times it’s side-splitting funny, at other times I couldn’t read on without having a breather, but I got through it (much like Joe has) and I am all the better for it. Don’t expect help from this book, but do expect understanding and validation of your own suffering. I loved the way Joe manages to balance the serious messages within the book with lots of humour making it a lot easier to read.

We here at BPD-UK are more than happy to recommend it and you can always buy it on Amazon via our affiliate link to support this site and our charity. https://geni.us/NWk6LcE

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