Product Review – ‎Millie the Cat has Borderline Personality Disorder

Product Review – ‎Millie the Cat has Borderline Personality Disorder

Product Type – Book
By – Jessie Shepherd (Author)
Price at Time of Review – £11.95 (Hardcover)
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Description: Often when people are given a mental health disorder diagnosis the weaknesses are clear and overwhelmingly emphasized, while the strengths are ignored or forgotten. The mental health children’s book series ‘What Mental Disorder?’ challenges the stigma against therapy and diagnosis. It enlists the reader to view the character as a whole being and not as a mental issue. Although there are aspects that the character will have to learn to cope with in order to function successfully in their life, there are also amazing traits that make them unique and remarkably accomplished.

Review: While it isn’t going to help anyone with BPD it is a nicely illustrated book that is perfect for BPD parents with little ones because the little ones might be struggling to know what daddy or mummy is going through. Too many other books throw big words around and don’t really get to the point, but this one does just that and the illustrations make the simple words even easier to understand. Sure, it wasn’t for me personally, but I can see this book being useful to someone.

Overall Rating: 4/5 – While beautiful illustrated, it is also painful simple.

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