BPD Treatment: Psychodynamic Therapy

BPD Treatment: Psychodynamic Therapy

Believe it or not, ‘Psychodynamic Therapy’ has a lot to do with thermodynamics (a branch of physics that deals with heat, work, and temperature, and their relation to energy, radiation, and physical properties of matter). But you don’t need to be a scientist to understand this unusual form of therapy. In fact, it has more to do with many other therapies than you might think. Let’s find out a little more about this form of therapy and whether or not it is worth taking for BPD…

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Developed by German physician and physiologist Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke, this form of therapy is all about revealing the unconscious content of a client’s psyche in an effort to alleviate psychic tension. Before your mind is blown away I will simplify that a little more. You see, Ernst noted that the things he learned about psychics could then be used to note how a person was feeling and maybe fix them. This form of depth psychology is all about the flow of energy around the body and your minds psyche. Some of the biggest names in psychology have performed this type of therapy like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud who were adamant it was the perfect way to fix someone’s mind.

With the term “striving for superiority” at its core for some people this form of therapy can seem a little dark, but it is all about core positivity and self-improvement like many other talk-based therapies. After all, a lot of BPD’s problems are based on our own self-doubt so you can see how this form of therapy might work.

Does Psychodynamic Therapy Work?

While some of the things about this therapy like “birth order” do seem a little dated there is still a lot of benefits to be gained from it. But when it comes to results there does seem to be polar opposites most of the time. Some people report feeling on top of the world and full of confidence, while others felt it did nothing for them at all. While results against those of us with BPD are non-existent I have heard of many people using this form of therapy to feel better about themselves even if many of the other BPD symptoms remain.

How Can I Get Psychodynamic Therapy Here in the UK?

With this form of therapy being done via face to face meetings as you might imagine it is not possible to have this form of therapy in the days of covid. But I have indeed heard of people being offered it on the NHS. Sadly prices for private sessions do seem to be quite expensive at well over £100 per session with at least 12 sessions needed for a full course of it. Having said that sometimes cost is not an issue if it makes you feel better. But for those of us with not much money, this form of therapy might remain little more than waves of energy inside a dream.

As with any of these BPD treatments before you might need to try a combination of them before you find that winning combination, but do stick with it. If you want any help or advice relating to BPD do drop me an email via the contact us page and one of our writers will answer it ASAP.

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