BPD Treatment: Therapeutic Communities Therapy (TCs)

BPD Treatment: Therapeutic Communities Therapy (TCs)

If you have the money and don’t mind being away from friends and family, maybe Therapeutic Communities Treatment (TCs) is for you. This style of treatment takes place in a structured environment such as a retreat or large community home and it is more a group thing rather than something individual. While this style of treatment is not for everyone it can be a benefit for some, but as you will come to see there are both pros and cons to it…

What is Therapeutic Communities Therapy (TCs)?

In short, it is a therapeutic retreat in which you will be going away to a safe space such as a structured environment. Yes, you could describe it as a mental health retreat, but you can find TCs that are specialised in BPD therapy. The main idea is that you are not only getting therapy treatment by a specialist in the form of group therapy, but you also learn from others about their experiences and self-treatments. Many people report that this type of community therapy worked well for them, but others not so much.

Is Therapeutic Communities Therapy (TCs) Right For me?

While the success of this form of therapy is a little hit and miss you should be aware that the most successful demographic is younger suffers from poor mental health. This is why you will often find age restrictions on many Therapeutic Communities as it does work best when people can share life-relatable advice and experiences. That is not to say there isn’t TCs for older people (20+) as there is.

The other thing to be aware of is that this form of therapy does require travelling away for a set amount of weeks. This could indeed be very far and you will often be encouraged not to use social media or other forms of digital communication making some people feel very cut-off. Having said that there are also TCs that only last the weekend as to allow people with work commitments to take part in them.

How Can I Get Therapeutic Communities Therapy (TCs) Here in the UK?

This is where the bad news comes into it, as finding a TCs here in the UK is not easy and will often involve a lot of travelling for many people and most of them in my own research are under 18 age limited. I have heard of people getting into TCs on the NHS, but these are very few in number and not something most of us are going to get access to. Also, when it comes to private TCs they often cost several hundred per night of stay. You can indeed stay as long as you like or as short as you like, but it does often cost Per-Night rather than a set amount of time as there are too many factors to consider for a set time frame. So, in short, go private unless you are one of the lucky few who get to go on one for free.

As with any of these BPD treatments before you might need to try a combination of them before you find that winning combination, but do stick with it. If you want any help or advice relating to BPD do drop me an email via the contact us page and one of our writers will answer it ASAP.

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