What or Who is a BPD FP?

While this relates to many different personality disorders it is most noticeable with those of us with BPD. While the simple answer to this question is “Favorite-Person” that is far from the whole story of this issue. Now you are probably wondering why I called this an issue and if you read on you will soon discover why…

What is a BPD Favorite-Person?

To be honest it is not easy to fully describe what the ‘Favorite-Person’ means to someone with BPD. It’s not just that they are our ‘Favorite-Person’, it is a deeper connection, a need, almost to the point that someone with BPD can actually become addicted to their FP! How can you get addicted to an FP? Well, to be honest with BPD it’s pretty easy, but not always good for the person who becomes the FP.

So What is so Wrong With Being Someones FP?

While good, supportive friends are always welcomed in any mental health disorder with BPD that FP can soon find things are not so easy. People with BPD often push away their FP due to fear of abandonment, but need them close to us because of every other symptom, so this often leads to an FP getting the full force of BPD anger, only to receive the full effect of our needly love and respect shortly afterwards.

I don’t want anyone to put off being a BPD sufferers FP as it can be a very rewarding experience if you stick with them through the bad times. But making that potential FP aware of what might be in store for them is always a good choice as it might smooth over that often explosive anger aimed towards them.

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