BPD Symptoms: Chronic Feelings of Emptiness

BPD Symptoms: Chronic Feelings of Emptiness

This symptom doesn’t have anything to do with food, it is more about feeling emotionally empty. In short, you have a lack of meaning or purpose that makes you feel depressed, lost or even pointless. While it doesn’t sound like one of the worse symptoms of BPD we will soon come to see why it is so dangerous and something to keep a firm eye on. On this page, we will take a look at how bad things can be while you are suffering from it as well as ways in which you might well deal with BPD.

What is the BPD Symptom of Chronic Feelings of Emptiness?

While most people have days when they feel they don’t quite fit in anywhere or lack any real purpose in life, with BPD it is the extreme ends of the emotional scale (as is usually the case). You start to feel down but then might feel suicidal because you are feeling down, or you felt a little lost even anxious at work, so it is time for you to get another job. WIth BPD these feeling can often carry on for days, even weeks at a time, all the while your general mood is up and down thanks to the other symptom of Extreme Emotional Swings!

What Can Trigger the Symptom of Chronic Feelings of Emptiness?

While you can feel triggered sometimes by environment sources like the loss of a loved one or a family pet, the main trigger point is your own brain telling you to feel that way. To many of us with BPD ‘Chronic Feelings of Emptiness’ is the trigger point for many of the other symptoms of BPD from Fear of Abandonment to Self-harm. Yes, outside things can indeed trigger it, but by learning to stop your own brain from doing it you will notice it happens a lot less often.

How Bad Can the Symptom of Chronic Feelings of Emptiness be?

It’s not so much the symptom itself that can be dangerous, it is more about the other symptoms it so often triggers like Fear of Abandonment or Self-harm. This is why this often overlooked symptom can be considered more dangerous than the others because of all the others it then goes on to cause. But even on its own, you can feel emotionally numb, despondent, isolated, and anxious for long periods of time.

How Can I Stop the Symptom of Chronic Feelings of Emptiness?

One of the best things to do to stop feeling this way is to say daily affirmations to yourself either quietly in your head, or even better loudly in the mirror. This will help you to stop feeling so low even when there is a genuine reason to be down. In Buddhism, the constant feeling of being empty inside is called “Sunyata” and the only way to defeat it is to achieve inner peace and enlightenment. The good news is you don’t have to suddenly become a Buddhist in order to stop them, but taking breathing, Yoga and relaxation techniques from the religion can help you.

Of course, therapy is often the way to go here when you are really struggling. Sure, self-help and meditation techniques can help some, but some of us need that extra help, that extra push to help us fully understand this and to be fair most forms of therapy will do this, even the more fringe of them like art and music therapies.

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