Can Ashwagandha Help Control your BPD?

Can Ashwagandha Help Control Your BPD?

We just want to start this post with a note to say that this is genuinely not a brand post or an advertisement in any way. We have been asked this question a few times so we thought we would do some of our own testing and give you an honest opinion on it. For those who don’t know Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that is said to help your body manage stress and help you gain control of your emotions better. Having BPD means you might well suffer from Extreme Emotional Swings, so can these Ashwagandha gummies really help? Let’s find out…

Once again we remind you that this is NOT a paid post in any way, just a personal opinion. OK, so what we did was buy 3 pots of these Goli Nutrition Ashwagandha gummies and consume 10 a day over the next 6 days (because there are 60 gummies in each pot). The writers who tested them are Claire, Jenny and Russell (all in house writers here at Here is their own personal opinion and nothing more…

Can Ashwagandha Help Control your BPD?

Jenny – I normally take a lot of vitamins anyway, so adding one more to my mix was nothing new. But I have always wanted to test these, but at £40 per pot of 60 I was never going to pay that. But here we are with an empty pot of them in my hand and I have to say I do feel a little more relaxed. Not as calm and serene as the marketing would have you believe, but I do feel more grounded and a little more in control and I suffer from terrible emotional swings several times a day. Yes, I am still having them, but they don’t feel nearly as “Extreme” as they once were. So…am I now willing to pay £40 to have these every day? No, probably not, but if they were cheaper I probably would.

Russell – Having don’t my own research and finding out Ashwagandha’s benefits are little more than Pseudoscience I was not hopeful in any way even before I opened the pot. But now after 6 days of ten of these sweets per-day I have to say I do feel a little more myself. Having a more scientific mind I am not quite sure what I am feeling changed within myself and I would not say I am any happier or calmer than I was before taking it, but I can feel something. I feel you might well feel the effects of these nutritional supplements if you take them over the long term, but I have to seriously question the price of them. I certainly wouldn’t pay it, but I get some people might feel different after taking them and especially over the long term which I think is the only way to get any benefits.

Clair – I can hardly say the name of these gummies let alone ever heard of them, so to be honest I was a little nervous about taking them as I thought they might have a stronger effect on me as I never drink or have ever done any sort of drugs. After just the first mouthful they gave me the same buzz I had when I first drunk coffee at the age of 22. It was a numbing, dizzy style effect and I really didn’t like them in taste (apple cider vinegar apparently) nor the way they made me feel so I stopped taking them after day 1. But at least they are vegan friendly which I apprechated. I definitely wouldn’t recommend them and for me personally, they had a negative effect rather than a positive one.

While our own tests were short and very different in opinion the general consensus was that they are overpriced and don’t do much, especially given that we all have BPD anyway. The truth is, if you want them to help you bad enough, maybe they will! But it wouldn’t be through the power of the Ashwagandha herb, it would be via your own positive state of mind from taking them. If anyone has a different opinion do let us know in the comments below.

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