Do People With BPD Enjoy Horror Films More Than "Normal" People?

Do People With BPD Enjoy Horror Films More Than “Normal” People?

It’s important to note that not everyone with borderline personality disorder (BPD) enjoys intensely disturbing films. People with BPD are individuals with their own unique tastes and preferences. However, in a recent study it did show that people with BPD are indeed drawn to intense or disturbing content. There are several potential reasons for this:

Emotional Resonance

People with BPD often experience intense emotions. Disturbing films can evoke strong emotional reactions, which might resonate with the intensity of feelings they’re accustomed to. By seeing these intense emotions portrayed on screen, they might feel a sense of identification or understanding.


Watching intense or disturbing content can be a way for some people to process and release their own intense emotions in a safe and controlled environment.

Feeling Seen

Some individuals with BPD might feel that disturbing films, especially those that delve into the complexities of human psychology, make them feel seen or understood in a world where they often feel misunderstood.

Dissociation and Numbness

Individuals with BPD might occasionally experience feelings of dissociation or emotional numbness. Intense films can be a way to “feel” something when they are otherwise feeling disconnected or numb.

Understanding Complexity

Some people are drawn to the complex narratives and character studies that often come with intense films. They might appreciate the exploration of the human condition, which can be full of contradictions and complexities, much like their own experiences.


Watching disturbing films can be seen as a challenge for some, pushing the boundaries of what they can handle emotionally and mentally.


Over time, some individuals may become desensitized to certain types of content and seek out more intense or disturbing films to evoke a reaction.

It’s essential to remember that individuals with BPD are not a monolithic group. What resonates with one person might not resonate with another. The reasons mentioned above can apply to anyone, with or without BPD. If someone you know has BPD and enjoys such films, it might be helpful to engage them in a conversation about it to understand their perspective better. If you enjoy watching horror do let us know oyur thoughts in the comments below.

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