Was I Born With BPD?

While the simple answer to this question is no, there are factors that you should take into account about the reasons someone might be asking that question very in the first place. For this post, I will not only answer that question but also go into it a little bit and explain why some people might think this to be true…

So…Was I Born With Borderline Personality Disorder?

A quick look online will reveal countless theories about the causes of BPD and while some do suggest you can get it from a close family member such as a parent you are not necessarily born with it or forever destined to suffer from it. Dr Michael D. Riggenbach, M.D once said “It’s not like you’re born predisposed to BPD or not; we’re likely all born somewhere on the continuum”, this means none of us is really born with it, but any of us could be born with the possibility of developing it. BPD doesn’t care about your race or age, it just wants to disrupt any brain it can get hold of, but that rarely happens overnight.

Having said that I do get why some people might be feeling that they were born with it as their close relative might have it and passed it onto them. While this is often down to childhood learning and development it could be seen as DNA linked hereditary passing which is simply not the case. While the psychological community is still split on how much of BPD is environment in contributing factors it is sure BPD isn’t based on at birth.

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