BPD Medication - Lithium

Brands: Lithium Salts, Priadel, Camcolit, Liskonium, Li-Liquid

Type: Antidepressant

Dosages: 200mg, 300mg, 400, mg

Max Dosage: 800MG

About Lithium: People often get confused when they hear the word “Lithium” and will often think of the chemical element inside a battery, but oddly they are both one and the same thing. Lithium is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal, but it is also present inside your own body in trace amounts. While the exact way Lithium helps with our BPD is unknown the results do kind of speak for themselves and it has proven to be a very effective medication for most depressive states, including Bipolar.


Common Lithium Side Effects Include:

Decreased memory
Dry mouth
EKG changes
Hand tremor
Muscle weakness
Renal (kidney) toxicity
Weight gain

Less Common To Rare Lithium Side Effects Include:

Changes in an electrocardiogram
Heart Block

Personal Experience of Using Lithium: If I had to sum up taking lithium it would have to be like living inside a goldfish bowl. Sure, you can still see and hear what is going on with your life, but you feel…disconnected from it, like a fog on the brain. I felt much more able to go out with friends and family more as I didn’t feel my anxiety growing the moment I stepped out of the house. OK, so it’s not like it cured me of my BPD or anything, but it did give me a little piece of my mind back and for that reason, I appreciated taking it. I was personally on 200mg per day, but after a few months that did grow to 2 pills a day making 400mg per day, but I personally couldn’t handle that much and moved back down to a lower dose. I was on lithium for over a year while I was in DBT and stopped taking it over a 3-month process. 

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3 thoughts on “BPD Medication – Lithium

  1. Well strange. I’ve v
    Been on lithium for a year now at 900mg. And feel the mental dullness and memory problems. Maybe overmedicated? I’ve been wanting med free for a while

  2. It took you 3 months to wean off? Jeez I am in for a journey. I feel the disconnected feeling like I cannot be “present” which counteracts/contradict with dbt therapy in regards to mindfulness and being present in the moment

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