Product Review – Coping with BPD: DBT and CBT Skills

Product Review – Coping with BPD: DBT and CBT Skills

Product Type – Paperback
By – Blaise Aguirre (Author)
Price at Time of Review – £9.78 (Audiobook)
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Description: In this much-needed book, two renowned borderline personality disorder (BPD) experts offer simple, easy-to-use skills drawn from dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help you address the most common issues of BPD, such as intense feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety. For many, having BPD is like living in emotional overdrive. And whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or angry, you might struggle just to get through each day. So, how can you start balancing your moods and managing your symptoms? This helpful guide addresses over fifty of the most common struggles people with BPD face every day and offers accessible, evidence-based solutions to help you feel better and get back to living your life.

Review: To give this book its full title ‘Coping with BPD: DBT and CBT Skills to Soothe the Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder’ is a book that offers help and advice for yourself and your family. But it doesn’t it in a boring clinical way, it tackles it in a personal way and deals with the real-world problems of living with BPD rather than listing off the main symptoms of BPD and dealing with those. This book was clearly written by someone who has had to deal with BPD first-hand and it offers practical, helpful advice about the problems many of us with BPD deal with on a daily basis. I really can’t recommend this book enough for those on the path to self-help.

Overall Rating: 5/5 – This is a very well-structured book with checklists and a sympathetic approach.

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